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(Marked Ones Series #1)

Word length: 148,000
ISBN 13: 9781935649229

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As a Marked One doomed by bad genes to die early, Edel has a limited amount of time to make her mark on stage as a professional dancer and pay off her student loans. But first she has to graduate from the Academy and be chosen to join a company. To ensure she achieves this dream, she's worked every day for the past five years training for this one goal.

But all her hard work and dreams are threatened, along with her very freedom and her life, as family and friends reveal shattering secrets and the truth behind years of lies meant to keep her safe. Now with the dark truth revealed, Edel not only knows who she really is, but she also learns about a secret society of men and exactly what they do to broken dancers who can't repay their student loans through dancing anymore. Including her and her best friend...

For twelve years, Jayce has faithfully served his country overseas. But an explosion caused by friendly fire leads him to turn away from the soldier life. Now all he wants to do is return home and find some peace. But all hope for peace is wiped out in an instant when his father takes him to a special gathering by the local members of a nationwide secret society who use their political power for anything but good.

Forced to choose between an easy life or going on the run and living a life in hiding, Jayce finds himself helping a girl he's rapidly falling in love with, and questioning everything he thought he knew...

Together, Jayce and Edel will have to choose between saving lives and love, risking their lives as well as others', and entering a world of political spies that they never imagined existed before. And what they start together will affect thousands of lives for decades to come...

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