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Scent of Revenge

Word length: 42,000
ISBN 13: 9781935649120

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Morgan Fremont has to find a job fast. She’s heard how much the Midnight Girl dancers make each week just by dancing fully clothed on top of the bar at the Midnight Saloon. But when Morgan performs her impromptu “job interview” performance for the entire bar, she attracts the attention of a whole lot more than just the saloon’s fun loving patrons.

Will Morgan get more than she can handle if she becomes the newest MG? Can she resist the determined seduction of Jonathan Dexter, a man who, like her, has secrets that drive him relentlessly through life? And who is the mysterious lover who has begun to haunt her dreams?

Warning: This is a New Adult paranormal romance of 42,000 words in length. It contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes. Intended for New Adult, College and Adult readers who like their paranormal romances extra steamy! 


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