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Scent of Evil

Word length: 36,000
ISBN 13: 9781935649113

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Brianna is a good girl.

Or at least she was, until evil crashed through her life, leaving her changed forever and forcing her to give up the people and things she loves the most. Now Brianna wants nothing more than to successfully walk the gray line between good and bad by necessity. But then a boss’s attempted blackmail turns to tragedy, leaving her responsible for a bar full of employees counting on her to save their failing business.

For everyone’s sake, she needs to stay focused and in control of herself now more than ever. Falling in love is not a distraction she can afford.

Too bad Steven Daniels appeals to both the light and dark sides currently at war within her.

When both his blood and his love call out to her, tempting her at every turn, will Brianna find a way to hold onto the girl she once was and resist temptation? Or will Steven be the final push that drives her to cross that line into darkness?

Warning: This is a New Adult paranormal romance of 36,000 words in length. It contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes. Intended for New Adult, College and Adult readers who like their paranormal romances extra steamy!

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